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Chengdu HUOMUSI Electric Co., Ltd . is located in Chengdu Hi - tech West District . Is Si chuan high -tech enterprise. The company is committed to power, electronic communications ,  petrochemical , Provide high-quality products in metallurgy, rail transit,  industrial

automation and other industriesAnd service specialized company.

Major products include complete line of t erminal blocks ,Relays ,Transmitters , Iisolators Contactor ,Anti - voltage Drop Device,Multifunctional instrument, motorprotection  device , intelligent control Device , button ,indicator light, transfer switch, button box, terminal block Maintenance box , etc . Major products obtained the national CCC, the European Union CE,IEC standard CB certification.

We strive to provide partners with cost-effective products and technical solutions, pursue cost rationalization , and provide users with good products and services.


Tel: 028-69282330
Fax: 028-69282333
Mob: 18908016788
E-mail: sales@hobbes-electric.cn
Website: http://www.hobbes-electric.cn
Zip code: 611731
Addr: NO.4 xinye road ,high tech Zone(West Area) ,chengdu
Addr:NO.4 xinye road ,high tech Zone(West Area) ,chengdu  Tel:028-69282330    
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