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          Chengdu  HOBBES   Electric Co., Ltd .  is  located  inChengdu Hi-tech West District. Is ChengduCity high-tech enterprise. The company is committed to power, electronic communications ,  petrochemical , Provide high-quality products in metallurgy, rail transit, nuclear power, industrial automation and other industriesAnd service specialized company.
          Major products  include complete line of terminalblocks ,Relays ,Transmitters,Iisolators Contactor  Anti  - voltage Drop Device,multifunction  digital  display
meters ,terminal,Junction  Box 、Service chamber  Motor protection device, intelligent control device, etc.Major products  obtained the national CCC, the European Union CE, CB certification.
        We  strive  to  provide  partners  with  cost-effective products  and  technical   solutions,  pursue  cost rationalization ,  and  provide  users  with  good  products and  services.

Tel: 028-69282330
Fax: 028-69282333
Mob: 18908016788
E-mail: sales@hobbes-electric.cn
Website: http://www.hobbes-electric.cn
Zip code: 611731
Addr: NO.4 xinye road ,high tech Zone(West Area) ,chengdu
Addr:NO.4 xinye road ,high tech Zone(West Area) ,chengdu  Tel:028-69282330    
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